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I’m drowning in FOAM!

December 11, 2012

Over the past year my education has been enhanced by the wonders of Free Open Access Medical education (FOAMed).  While I have found the innumerable podcasts and blog posts to be extremely educational, I’ve noticed a problem:

I’m drawn to the sexy.  I can’t seem to get enough critical care (EMCrit), ultrasound (UltrasoundPodcast) and ZDogg (ZDoggMD).

This was working out great until I got to the middle of my in-training exam and hit a question about Scarlet Fever.  Shit.  That wasn’t covered in my biased, sexiness-based FOAMed curriculum.  It has something to do with strep…  it’s too bad my iPhone wasn’t with me, because it knows all about it…

That moment has brought you this addition to the world of FOAMed.  I plan to cover one digestible topic of intense disinterest each week in an effort to learn about the least exciting pathology EM has to offer.  Reading my stuff after Weingart’s will be like reliving that time when your attending pulled you out of the trauma room to see a UTI right before you completed the tube/CVL/art line triple crown.

Like vegetables, it’ll be horrible, but good for you.

Brent Thoma @boringem


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  1. Thanks for taking one for the team 😉 I look forward to learning from your efforts! When I think of anything unbelievably mundane I will pass the topic your way.

  2. Excellent – thanks! Anything boring would be appreciated. I’m planning to start out with urine, the black box of bodily fluids.

  3. Add TheSGEM to you foamed sites/podcast if not already.

    • Hey! I hadn’t been following, but had heard good things (@socmobem’s blog I think?).
      I just added your RSS feed to my reader and will itunes it when I get back from vacation – I look forward to checking it out!

    • PS – sweet looking website! Mine’s already jealous.

  4. Great concept!

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